Recycled Tube Soda Lip Gloss


Coming Soon:  This Patent pending lip gloss tube design was the brainchild of our owner Dawn Andrews.  Back in 2015, Dawn had the idea for a gloss tube that would allow the user to get every bit of gloss inside the tube.  She also wanted to design something that could be made from recycled materials, so that she could help decrease the waste in landfills.  After years of research, designs, developing molds, and working on a patent Dawn finally achieved her goal.  Dawn came up with a design that allowed the gloss wand to reach the last bit from the bottom of the tube.  She also discovered a way to make her tubes here in the USA using recycled beverage bottles.  Working with a local manufacture in the small southern Indiana town of Hope, the gloss tubes were made by sourcing recycled beverage bottles from recycling centers in the Midwest.  The gloss is Handmade in our factory in Columbus, Indiana with jojoba gel. Gloss goes on sheer with a hint of sparkle and loads of flavor.  Since the gloss tubes are made of recycled beverage bottle like soda bottles, Dawn came up with 4 soda inspired gloss flavors: Soda, Cherry Soda, Lemon Lime, & Root Beer.  Natural, safe, and fun for all ages.  We hope you enjoy our lip gloss and know that for every purchase you are helping to keep waste out of American landfills.

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Weight .25 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 4 in

Soda, Cherry Soda, Lemon-Lime, Root Beer

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