Behind the Quality Handmade Products

Meet Dawn

After months of turning recyclable items into art pieces and making lip gloss for family and friends, my life changed in a matter of weeks. Between facing a scare with cancer and the death of my father I decided to follow my dreams. I had started getting serious about selling lip gloss in my spare time, while still working full time and raising five children with my husband Scott. It was a now or never moment to take something I loved and nurture it into a successful business.

In 2014, after a full year of making gloss I made the decision to quit my job and devote my full focus to my business, garb2ART Cosmetics. We have expanded our line of products from a line of lip gloss to include body butters, body scrubs, bath bombs, perfumes and whatever else we feel like whipping up. We also continue to use recyclable and reusable packaging, and have kept over 9 tons out of USA landfills. We’ve even dug items out of the ground to use in our storefront.